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Every week we post a new Workout of the Week from our strength expert Josh Bryant, MS, CSCS. Whether you’re looking to add size or increase your strength and endurance, you’ll find a new workout to challenge you here.



Maximize Your Workouts With Staggered Sets

No time—no problem—staggered sets are the solution!

guy doing bench press

Giant Gains For Chest

This giant-set chest routine is short on time but big on results!


Maximum Gains, Minimum Time

A 30-minute leg thrash? Absolutely. Build massive legs with this heavy-duty training protocol.

Power Chest

Monster Chest

Using the power rack will not only help you develop explosive power and strength but you’ll get a massive chest to boot.


Rack ’Em Up

If you have a power rack, a barbell and weights, you have no excuse not to have a great physique and strength levels to match.

Pre-exhaust shoulders

Pre-Exhaust Your Shoulders

Use pre-exhaust training to isolate your shoulders and produce big gains.

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