Workout of the Week


Every week we post a new Workout of the Week from our strength expert Josh Bryant, MS, CSCS. Whether you’re looking to add size or increase your strength and endurance, you’ll find a new workout to challenge you here.


Reverse-Grip Bench Press

The 8 x 8 Method For Chest Training

Created by weightlifting pioneer Vince Gironda, this high-volume chest workout will add size and torch fat.

Bill Pearl

Shouldering A Heavy Load

Build wide, strong shoulders with this Bill Pearl-style workout.


Triple-Threat Arm Assault

This Leroy Colbert–inspired workout will attack your bi’s and tri’s and force those arms to grow!

craig capurso doing back squat

German Engineering

Master German Volume Training for a brutal but effective way to pack on some mass.

Leg Extension

Giant Sets For Big Wheels

Want to develop big legs in less time? This giant sets routine will have you crawling out of the gym on all fours.


Maximize Your Workouts With Staggered Sets

No time—no problem—staggered sets are the solution!

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