Victory For Victor At The Toronto Pro SuperShow

Victory for Victor Martinez

Victor Martinez’s win at the 2013 Toronto Pro SuperShow proves that he’s back in a big way!

Article and Photo by Garry Bartlett

One could say that New York’s Victor Martinez’s IFBB Pro Bodybuilding career has had more ups and downs than Donald Trump’s elaborate corporate jet. In 2007, it looked like he was on his way to becoming an IFBB Hall Of Fame recipient after winning the Arnold Classic and coming within a whisker of knocking off reigning Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler that fall in Las Vegas. Then his luck took a downturn as he suffered a serious leg injury in 2008. If that wasn’t bad enough his sister was found murdered in 2009. In spite of all the setbacks he regained his former championship physique and journeyed to Spain and won the 2011 Arnold Classic Europe. The celebration was cut short however, as he was arrested by US immigration officials on his way home due to supposed immigration violations. After spending months locked up in detention where the lack of quality food and training virtually wiped out his physique, he finally got released and began comprehensive training again only to suffer a serious biceps tear.

As we flash to the present it is hard to believe that in spite of all Victor’s past wins and his elite status in Pro Bodybuilding he fails to qualify for this year’s up coming Mr. Olympia battle in Las Vegas. When he announced that he would be competing at the IFBB New York Pro Championships everyone figured he would be a sure bet to win and qualify for the Mr. Olympia! But once again Victor drew a losing hand when massive newcomer Mamdouh “Big Ramy” Elssbiay literally stomped over everyone including Victor to take the title.

For the past three years, Sudbury’s Ron Hache has been working on his dream of promoting Canada’s version of the Arnold Sports Festival in downtown Toronto. In its third year, the Toronto Pro SuperShow is now the biggest fitness event in Canada and it grows bigger and better each year. The climax of the three-day event came late Saturday night with the crowning of the men’s IFBB Pro Bodybuilding winner. Up until this year we haven’t been treated to Mr. Olympia caliber contenders in the pro lineup. That’s not to say that last year’s winner Bill Wilmore wasn’t a deserving winner, but the best he could do this year was 7th. Fortunately, the battle weary Martinez didn’t get the impression that all he had to do to win was show up in Toronto. In fact, several other top IFBB Pros finally clued in that the Toronto Pro show might be a nice opportunity to earn a Mr. Olympia qualification and some spare cash. Ontario’s own Fouad Abiad also had dibs on the title and momentum was in his favor as he had huge support from his many hometown fans.

Fouad came into the competition sporting noticeable size and mass increases. In fact, the guy just looked huge and awesome and had he been just a trifle drier, he might have handed Martinez another frustrating set back. Regardless, his second place finish was very impressive and provided him momentum for his next outing.

This year’s Toronto Pro SuperShow featured some pretty intimidating muscle freaks including fifth place Moe Bannout of Lebanon and sixth place Clarence Devis of Belgium. Moe was so knurled and hard that he appeared to be forged from hammered steel. In the mass department Canadian fan favorite Frank McGrath is no slouch and sported some pretty impressive size and awesome muscle density that was good enough to earn him a respectable 4th place finish.

In every competition someone has to carry the banner for the smaller but superbly balanced and symmetrical guys. At this year’s Toronto Pro SuperShow it was New York’s Jonathan Delarosa who took up the cause, sporting splendid full-bellied muscles and spot on conditioning that earned him third place.

Fortunately, in his quest to earn a trip to the Olympia, the battle-scared Martinez didn’t take his conditioning and the Toronto Pro SuperShow for granted and showed up in fantastic condition. The exquisite balance, shape and pleasing symmetry that only gifted genetics can deliver were all there. When you add spot on conditioning to the mix, you have a winning package that Victor had it in spades. While graciously accepting his first place trophy and winner’s check it was evident that the expression on his face was a combination of both relief and joy!

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