Top 10 Training Tracks (pt.1)

Top 10 Training Tracks - Part 1

Our highly trained staff of MuscleMag musicologists have compiled what we consider to be the definitive list of top training tunes

By Alex Zakrzewski, Online Editor

Every awesome workout needs an awesome soundtrack. The right music at the right time has the inexplicable ability to turn an otherwise dull and lifeless routine into a blood-pumping, plateau-busting, weapon of mass construction. Don’t believe us? Just ask any experienced trainer and they’ll tell you about that one favourite track they turn to whenever they need an extra jolt of motivation before going toe-to-toe with the iron.

Here at MuscleMag, our staff of highly trained musicologists have compiled what we consider to be the definitive list of top training tracks. We’re fully aware of how different musical tastes are and there are many, many more titles that could have easily been included.  As always, we welcome your comments to let us know which ones we missed and which ones we got right.

Below are the first five titles on our list.  Be sure to check back soon for the Top 5!

10. Iron Maiden – The Trooper

Only Iron Maiden could take a boring poem by Alfred Lord Tennyson and turn it into one of the most adrenaline inducing songs ever recorded. With its galloping rhythm, piercing guitar harmonies and blaring vocals, this track is sure to make you want to run – possibly to the hills!

9. Fort Minor – Remember the Name

Although this song is about what it takes to make it in the music industry, its message of hard work, perseverance and determination goes hand in hand with any kind of physical training. Maybe that’s why it’s featured in every second homemade sports/training montage ever posted on YouTube.

8. Rammstein – Du Hast

Who knows what they’re saying or what this song is even about – it doesn’t matter! All that matters is how angry it makes you as you prepare to put those weights through the worst punishment they’ve ever experienced. Need a spot? NEIN!

7. Disturbed – Droppin’ Plates

The title of this song alone earned it a spot on our list. However, the adrenaline doesn’t end there. If this earsplitting track doesn’t make you want to hit the weights with newfound rage then you should probably check yourself for a pulse.

6. Three 6 Mafia – It’s A Fight

Every good workout is a merciless, no holds barred slugfest between you and the iron. This epic fight track is guaranteed to fire you up as you give those plates an attitude adjustment they’ll never forget.


Click here to see our top five tracks.  Don’t forget to let us know your iron pumping favourites!

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  • Schaffer

    Hatebreed – Proven!
    You wanna see me fail, you won’t get your chance!

    • MMI

      Badass track! Thanks Schaffer!

  • Chance

    Deadly sinners- 3 inches of blood m/

    • MMI

      Thanks for the suggestion Chance! Be sure to check back tomorrow to see our top 5 tracks.

  • Jeremy

    metallica and slayer should take up all 10 i wouldnt argue with some maiden in there but this other garbage c’mon but thats just me i hate 90′s wanna be metal and rap isnt for the gym

    • MMI

      Which tracks in particular Jeremy? “Enter Sandman” and “At Dawn They Sleep” are definitely gym staples. Can’t go wrong with “Master Of Puppets” either.

  • Buzz

    Lord Vital – Beastmode!
    You will add 45′s instead of 25′s on each side of the bar!

    • MMI

      Good to know! Thanks for the suggestion Buzz!

  • Roy Hanson

    its german! hell of a beat!

  • Jay Metzler

    The Power of I and I – Shadows Fall

    “Du Haste Miche” by Rammstein Translation: “You Hate Me”

    • MMI

      Great suggestions Jay! Du Hast is included in the second installment of our Top Training Tracks list. Just listened to Shadows Fall. If that doesn’t get you ready to squat I don’t know what will!


    THE (((((BEST))))))) WORKOUT TRAKS AREON “DMX” it’s dark and hell is hot ALBUM ADN 50′S songs: I’ll whip your head boy___bump that___this is 50 Fuck theses white boys at muscle mag know about the reeel hiphop I put in MAD WORK at the gym with 50 cent…… @WGMAZE <—–

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