Top 10 Training Montages


Is this the definitive list of training montages? Check out our picks and be sure to let us know your absolute faves!

8. Hero and the Terror (1988)

In this forgotten flick Chuck Norris plays a cop determined to catch a notorious serial killer known as “The Terror”. To prepare for this arduous task Chuck hits the gym hard. After all, it’s muscles that close murder cases not crime scene analysis or anything pertaining to actual police work. There’s not a lot to this sequence but at least Chuck demonstrates very proper form when performing upright rows.

7. Rocky II (1979)

Rocky prepares for his second bout with Apollo Creed by training the same gritty, no-nonsense way that worked so well the first time around. Interesting fact, the overhead/behind-the-neck press combo Rocky performs was originally called a Bradford Press after weightlifting champ Jim Bradford. However, following the film’s success, the move will forever be best known as Rocky Presses.

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  • Kladionica

    Arnold is a lengend that speach on the end of the video .-.. great”

    • MMI

      You’re absolutely right Kladionica! Great comment!

  • Damian Richardson

    Cant believe you left out NEVER BACK DOWN,

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