Top 10 Training Montages


Is this the definitive list of training montages? Check out our picks and be sure to let us know your absolute faves!

By Alex Zakrzewski, Online Editor

The training montage is in many respects a lost art of movie making that was honed to perfection during the action hero era of the 1980s. A well-edited training montage, set to the right pulse pounding soundtrack can motivate even the most sedentary of couch potatoes to at least attempt a push-up. Check out our list of top montages below and be sure to let us know your all-time favorites!

10. Rocky (1976)

Let’s start with the montage that started it all and one of the most memorable scenes in film history. Set to Bill Conti’s iconic “Gonna Fly Now”, Rocky’s blue-collar grit and determination is epitomized in his simple yet punishing workout that focuses on one thing – good old-fashioned American hard work!

9. Hard to Kill (1990)

In this 90s action classic Steven Seagal pulls a 50 Cent and survives a series of lethal gunshot wounds. After spending seven years in a coma, Seagal must overcome his crippling muscular atrophy to avenge his murdered family. Using a blend of conventional exercise and meditation, he painfully rebuilds himself into the baddest man ever to wear a ponytail.

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  • Kladionica

    Arnold is a lengend that speach on the end of the video .-.. great”

    • MMI

      You’re absolutely right Kladionica! Great comment!

  • Damian Richardson

    Cant believe you left out NEVER BACK DOWN,

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