Top 10 Action Movie Physiques


Check out our list of the most memorable muscles ever to grace the silver screen and be sure to let us know your film favorites!

By Alex Zakrzewski, Online Editor

Nothing exudes raw, testosterone-fueled physicality quite like a good action flick. While the towering, larger-than-life muscularity of the 80′s may be a thing of the past, the genre continues to produce some tremendous physical specimens. If watching these unforgettable action roles doesn’t make you want to pump some serious iron then maybe you should stick to romantic comedies.

10. Steeve Reeves – Hercules (1957)

Steve Reeves

Reeves was the original movie muscleman. After winning a Mr. America title in 1947, Reeves took his herculean (pun intended!) physique to Europe where his success in the “Sword and Sandal” genre made him both a household name and the highest paid actor on the continent.

9. Linda Hamilton – Terminator II (1991)

Linda Hamilton

The only woman on our list, Hamilton prepared for the role of Sarah Connor by undergoing a thirteen-week workout regimen in which she trained three hours a day, six days a week. She also underwent military weapons training in order to become a real life machine-killing machine.

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  • Lawrence Eichman

    Three guys I believe had better bodies than almost all these guys you mentioned. 1) William Smith (CC & Comp), 2) Gordon Scott (Tarzan), 3) Clint Walker (Cheyenne).

  • AnabolicInsider

    This list is tired and should have been retired 10 years ago. There is no way that Stallone looked better in R3 than he did in the last Rambo or even in the Expendables.In fact guys like Terry Crews and even Andrew Bryniarski have brought it numerous times and are left out. With the exception of Statham, this list could have been written in ’95

  • MMI

    We appreciate the suggestions guys. When we compiled the list, we also took into consideration the significance of the roles the actors played. Terry Crewes and Andrew Bryniarski are definitely in great shape but they really haven’t played an iconic type of character. That being said, Gordon Scott is a great suggestion and a role we’ll definitely consider if we do a follow up list. Thanks for reading!

  • Town_1

    Wow. No Woody Strode? Mike Henry? Miles O’Keeffe? And for the record, Carl Weathers always had a better physique than Stallone.

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