The UFC All-Strength Team

UFC Opener

MuscleMag selects the top 10 strongest pound-for-pound fighters in the UFC.

By Frank Curreri

Prior to 1993, the weight-room catchphrase “How much do you bench?” was loaded with subtext. It was actually a measure of how tough someone was. If a guy had a big bench, you did not mess with him.

Then along came Royce Gracie in the early iterations of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, a soaking-wet 170-pounder who tore through a line of monstrous athletes who probably could have preacher-curled more than Gracie squatted. Being strong, it seemed, didn’t always equate to being a great fighter.

That was 20 years ago, and UFC fighters have now evolved into professional athletes who know that the ability to explosively manhandle someone is an occupational necessity, like a fast sprawl and a good cross. The very best incorporate dedicated strength and power sessions into their fight preparations.

Our first annual UFC All-Strength Team salutes those fighters who attack the weights the way they go after an opponent in the cage. We relate to those athletes who continually look to improve and who enjoy the quantifiable metric of progress that the weight room provides. And ultimately, we love to watch the fight-ending strikes, slams and submissions that are the calling cards of the fighters on our list. Is it a coincidence that our UFC All-Strength Team owns a disproportionate number of highlight-reel finishes? No chance.

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