The Full-Body Barbell Workout


No machines? No Problem! Build beastly mass with just a barbell using these seven uncommon exercises.

One-Arm Barbell Row

Target: Back

Start: Place the unloaded end of a barbell in a corner and load the opposite end. Facing away from the corner, take a staggered stance with the leg of your non-working side forward, and grasp the loaded end just beneath the sleeve (so that you’re your thumb is closest to the plates). To limit stress on your lower back, support yourself by resting your non-working forearm on your slightly bent front leg.

Execution: Maintaining a flat back, contract your working lat to pull the loaded end of the bar toward your shoulder, bringing your elbow as high as you can. Lower the weight in a controlled motion until lockout for a full stretch in the bottom position and repeat.

Pair It With: Pull-up, bent-over barbell row

MMI Power Pointer: Because your back is supported, do some heavy “cheat” reps at the end of your set.

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