The Full-Body Barbell Workout


No machines? No Problem! Build beastly mass with just a barbell using these seven uncommon exercises.

By Jeb Roberts, MA

Floor Press

Target: Chest

Start: If you can’t get to a power cage, you’ll need to find a squat rack with adjustable safety arms or J-hooks set just below the barbell when your arms are locked out. Lie supine beneath the bar so that it’s directly above your eyes, just as if you’re setting up for a bench press. Spread your legs slightly and extend them flat on the floor to remove any assistance from leg drive and increase the stress on your upper body.

Execution: Using the same grip width as you bench press — you want your forearms to be about perpendicular to the floor when your elbows touch down — unrack the bar and lock it out directly above your sternum. From there, slowly lower it until your elbows contact the floor and press explosively back to lockout for each consecutive rep.

Pair It With: One-arm barbell flye, barbell pullover from floor

MMI Power Pointer: Really slow down the negative to keep from jolting your elbows; the range of motion is fairly short.

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