The Basic Training Leg Workout

The Basic Training Leg Workout

Fill out and then stretch your jeans with this tried-and-true leg workout that is sure to pack on muscle and transform your legs into your best bodypart!

Leg Extension

Leg Extension

This single-joint move completely limits the muscular stress to just the quads. Do it last in your frontal thigh workout to pump, flush and fatigue the target muscle group.

Target: Quads

Do It Right: Align the machine for your body frame and sit squarely in the apparatus, feet facing forward with the padded lever just above your shin. Extend your legs using a controlled rep speed and try to hold the top position for a count before lowering under control.

Power Pointer: Keep your feet flexed; you can turn them slightly in or out but don’t exaggerate the degree of turn to ensure knee health. Turning your toes outward will stress the tear drop (medialis) and pointing the toes inward will help stimulate the outer quad (vastus lateralis).

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