The Basic Training Leg Workout

The Basic Training Leg Workout

Fill out and then stretch your jeans with this tried-and-true leg workout that is sure to pack on muscle and transform your legs into your best bodypart!

Hack Squat

Hack Squat

With your legs fatigued, move to machine training so that you no longer have to worry about balance. The hack also hits all the major muscles, but foot placement as well as squat depth determine which muscles are emphasized.

Target: Quads, glutes, hamstrings

Do It Right: Secure your torso under the pads. As you descend, keep your knees in line tracking over your feet and don’t bounce out of the bottom position, but rather make a smooth transition as you explode upward. Keep your back flat against the pad at all times with your abs tight, and make sure your feet remain flat on the platform throughout.

Power Pointer: The higher you place your feet on the footplate, the less the emphasis on the quads and the greater on the hams/glutes. The more narrow and low, the higher involvement of the quads, especially the outer sweep.

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