The 6 Worst Mistakes Your Trainer Is Telling You To Do


Don’t compromise your physique or risk injury by following empty training advice. Find out the 6 worst mistakes your trainer might be telling you!

3. Don’t Take Your Laterals and Front Raises Above Parallel

Arnold would probably still chuckle at this rule. He was known to take his dumbbells far beyond the point in which his arm was in the horizontal plane, but you wouldn’t hear any naysayers around him … (and neither should you).

Some misinformed trainers would have you believe that when you go above parallel with a dumbbell on isolation moves for delts, the muscles all of a sudden aren’t doing the work. The next time you hear that, ask, “So what muscle is moving the dumbbell above 90 degrees then?” You’ll likely get a blank stare. The fact is the delts are highly involved up to 130 degrees, which is about 40 degrees past the parallel. Not only that, but if you take the front raises above the 130-degree point, you actually engage the very tough-to-target low traps (another reason Arnold was set apart from the rest). The only reason you wouldn’t go above 90 degrees is if you have some pre-existing shoulder condition or injury that would prevent you from even trying it or are purposely trying to train within a partial range of motion.

If you’re going to limit the range of motion, do so from the bottom of the rep. Stop the motion of the dumbbell when it’s about 6–8 inches from touching your body. That approach will help you maintain constant tension in the middle delts on lateral raises as well as on your front delts during front raises.

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  • Tony Delgado

    amen to that and true to the bone just keep it & get the best out of your body n workoutsno fancy gadgets or exercises will ever replace the simple and yet effective exercises to get the best results for your body otherwise ask Arnold Schwarzenegger or all the Mr. Olympias who work their ass off with yet simple exercises and became the world’s number one bodybuilders in history.

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