The 6 Worst Mistakes Your Trainer Is Telling You To Do


Don’t compromise your physique or risk injury by following empty training advice. Find out the 6 worst mistakes your trainer might be telling you!

By Jimmy Peña, MS, CSCS

1. Stand On One Leg

Probably one of the more common mistakes your trainer is teaching you is the notion that in order to really train your core muscles, it’s important that you balance yourself on an unstable surface. Let’s see a show of hands for the number of times this week you saw a trainer putting a client atop the flat side of a Bosu on one foot. With a dumbbell in one hand and a cable in the other, the client attempts to do lateral raises and biceps curls. This is a common example of balance training that’s been taken completely out of balance, so to speak.

You see, the first issue is one that trainers are reluctant to face, that you can stimulate the core better and more efficiently from a stable surface than an unstable one. That’s right. The strongest cores on the planet aren’t of those who stand on one leg, but rather those who lift a good amount of weight while planted squarely on both feet. Research has always been quite clear on this subject, in fact, but still the majority of trainers make this mistake. And your core isn’t the only thing being compromised.

Take our silly yet real example of the person on the Bosu. He’s trying to target specific bodyparts while at the same time working on balance. The fact of the matter is you can’t effectively stimulate muscle growth this way. No matter the goals, if you want to innervate and isolate muscle groups to help tone, add size or burn more calories, you have to overload the muscle. But since you can’t lift as much weight on an unstable surface, the bodypart-specific training is lost.

Trainers would do their clients a huge service if they focused on training bodyparts to their fullest potential because the better muscle they develop, the better the body will look and the more calories it’ll burn at rest. You want to strengthen your core? Save the core work for its own separate day. It’s time for trainees everywhere to start standing on their own two feet.

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  • Tony Delgado

    amen to that and true to the bone just keep it & get the best out of your body n workoutsno fancy gadgets or exercises will ever replace the simple and yet effective exercises to get the best results for your body otherwise ask Arnold Schwarzenegger or all the Mr. Olympias who work their ass off with yet simple exercises and became the world’s number one bodybuilders in history.

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