Secrets to the World’s Biggest Delts – Revealed!

Secrets to the World's Biggest Delts – Revealed!

Bringing up your shoulders is no great mystery if you dedicate your approach to the basics.

By Joel Stubbs, IFBB Pro

[Q] Joel, what’s your favorite type of pressing movement for shoulders and why?

[A] My favorite is the dumbbell press, but as you probably already know, there are a lot of options to choose from. I’d recommend that beginners use the Smith machine and work on form and proper technique, getting a feel for the exercise. This apparatus allows you to perform the movement within a set range of motion, which is important for such a delicate joint as the shoulder. Once you master that aspect, you can then venture out to the other free-weight exercises. With dumbbells I can get a deeper range of motion and also isolate each shoulder so as to eliminate strength imbalances and aesthetic weaknesses.

Dumbbell Press

[Q] Do you keep chest and shoulders far apart in your split to reduce wear and tear on your joints?

[A] Some people like to train chest and shoulders on the same day. Not me. I think that’s a bad idea if you expect to fully develop either. Plus training both on the same day can place undue wear and tear on your shoulder joints. I keep the shoulders and chest three days apart to maximize rest and recovery and to minimize joint fatigue.

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