Sci-Fi Survey With “Razor” Renaldo Gairy


We decided to “boldly go where no one has gone before” with Canadian IFBB Pro Ronaldo Gairy and see “just how deep the rabbit hole goes” with his sci-fi pastime!

By Dan Filipe, Deputy Editor

1.Captain Picard OR Captain Kirk?

“I’ll go with Picard.”

2. Original William Shatner ‘Kirk’ OR the new Chris Pine ‘Reboot Kirk’?

“Shatner, for sure!”

3. Best Space Ship: the Klingon Bird of Prey (Star Trek) OR the ‘Serenity’ FireFly Vessel?

“Ah man, are you serious?! I want to say the ‘Serenity’ because I love that show, but the Bird of Prey would kick its butt.”

4. The A.M.P suit from Avatar OR the Mech-Prawn Bio-suit from District 9?

“Probably the District 9 suit. You need Alien parts for that one.”

5. Who’s the better leader? Jake Sully (Avatar) OR Tyler Durden (Fight Club)?

“Tyler Durden”

6. Scott Bakula as Dr. Sam Becket in Quantum Leap OR Scott Bakula as Cpt. Jonathan Archer in StarTrek: Enterprise?

“Gotta go with Quantum Leap”

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