Gain Mass

Protein Snacks for Massive Gains

Protein Snacks for Massive Gains

8 high-protein, whole-food snacks that pack everything you need to keep building muscle between meals

Protein Powerhouse: Beef Jerky


Why We Love It

A true “man’s man” snack, beef jerky consists of strips of meat that have been marinated in a spicy, salty or sweet liquid, and then dried or smoked on low heat. Because most of the fat is trimmed, beef jerky is considered a quality source of protein. The average 30-gram portion nets about 10–15 grams of protein, 1 gram of fat and 0–3 grams of carbs. Though readily sold in convenience and grocery stores, you’ll find the most healthful (usually lowest sodium content) beef jerky at health-food stores. You can also buy it online or even download recipes to make your own.

When to Eat It

Beef jerky can be eaten fresh or can be stored for long periods of time without refrigeration, making it ideal for bodybuilders on the go. Much like protein bars and shakes, beef jerky is very convenient, and contains less artificial sweeteners and flavorings. Because of its macronutrient profile, we recommend beef jerky anytime a high-protein snack is required (or just plain wanted!).

Serve It Up

No fuss, no muss. Just rip open the package and indulge in this gritty high-protein snack.

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