Pain & Gain Trailer


Check out the trailer for Michael Bay’s bodybuilding-themed action movie Pain & Gain!

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  • David

    D; is this movie out to make us stupid….mhmmm

    • MMI

      All I know David is that I often run to a weight rack and get a pump going when I’m stressed! haha.

  • Modest Complexity

    Ok so Mark Wahlberg looks hilariously blown up in this…what a silly guy, I can’t take him seriously even when he does a great job acting (see The Fighter) he’s still Markie Mark to me. And yes, this movie could easily be the worst thing ever, but if it is even as good as Bad Boys, I will leave the theater happy. Should be good for some intense (if not campy) action and a couple good laughs, although if this exact story was being made by a more serious director, I might be anticipating it even more. The trailer makes it look at least that promising…I also loved that they used “Crown on the Ground” by Sleigh Bells during the cut shots over South Beach.

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