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MuscleMag #366
November, 2012


  • So You Think You’ve Got Abs?

    Throw out your yawner of a routine for this highly advanced, 6-week program. Tougher moves, greater intensity – this is your no-nonsense guide to show-stopping abs.

  • Full-Scale Assault on Arms

    Here are 3 critical concepts on arm day, combined with 3 tried-and-true exercises for bi’s and tri’s for bigger guns starting with your very next workout!

  • The 7×7 System: Building Muscle & Strength at the Same Time

    You do low reps (fewer than 6) for strength and moderate reps (8-12) for mass. What happens when you design a program that integrates those rep ranges so that you go to just 7? You’re about to find out.

  • Sexy, Sultry Dianna

    Hey, she only had to ask. Delicious Dianna Dahlgren’s red hot sensuality was enough to give a preworkout pump to every man on hand with half a pulse. Delightful dips, anyone?

  • Real-Time Offseason Training with IFBB Pro Eugene Mishin

    At 340 pounds offseason, Eugene Mishin’s heavy-weight shoulder workout is something to behold. But since he trains near midnight each night, few people can. Here he takes you rep-by-rep through his relentless delt routine.

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