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Editor’s Letter

Everyone has a story about how they were first introduced to the weight room, and none of them describe walking into a gym by themselves and learning everything on their own. MuscleMag’s strength expert, Josh Bryant, tells about training with two hardened ex-cons when he was still in high school and the valuable lessons he took from them.

Many of the extremely fit women we showcase in our Heat department, including Sierra Merchant on page 50, credit their boyfriends or fiancés for not only getting them into the weight room but convincing them that lifting heavy weights will make them look hot and strong rather than manly. (I’d like to thank those guys, too.)

If you’re reading MuscleMag, you are most likely in a position to be That Guy. You know how to train, you know to act in a gym and you probably have someone in your life who doesn’t know a thing about either, but sure could benefit from both. Don’t take that role lightly. Whether it’s a nephew, brother or girlfriend, putting someone on the path to being stronger, healthier and more confident is no small thing. (For the record, trying to start a conversation with a girl in the gym by correcting her technique is never a good idea. Please don’t be That F’ing Guy.)

Consider yourself an Ambassador of Iron and pass along the lessons that have served you. If you see a skinny kid circling around the weight machines, he’s probably too scared to come near the barbells. Getting a kid to trade leg extensions for deadlifts can change his life, or at least save him years of uselessly spinning his wheels. The things you know about training and nutrition have value that can be recycled. They just need to be shared with someone new. (And if he doesn’t want your help, then move along. Passing knowledge is a two-way street. )

Maybe it’s lofty to write that teaching someone how to squat will change their life, but I know a lot of people who would agree with that statement. Even if you don’t alter the course of a life, at least you can teach a kid how to re-rack his weights or not to curl in the squat rack. Then you’re doing all of us a favor.

Mike Carlson, Editor-in-Chief

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Blueprint For Bigger Arms

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