Mr. Europe Pro 2013 Recap


“The Terminator” Robert Piotrkowicz wins the Mr. Europe Pro 2013, earning the $11,000 prize and a guaranteed spot at this year’s Mr. Olympia!

By Frank Hoffmann

I have a confession to make. Although I am a huge fan of bodybuilding and I diligently keep track of upcoming events and stay up-to-date with industry news, I had no idea that the Mr. Europe Pro existed, let alone took place this past weekend. How this event completely passed me by, I have no idea, but when I heard that the “Terminator”, Robert Piotrkowicz, won the show, I said to myself, “it’s about damn time”!

If you don’t know who Robert Piotrkowicz is, don’t feel bad, he is by no means a household name and he’s been completely off my radar until this year when he had impressive showings at FIBO Power and the Arnold Classic Brazil (placing fourth and sixth respectively). I personally think he should have placed higher at both shows but I am stoked that his mass and crazy conditioning finally got rewarded on May 4th with a well-deserved first place finish in Spain. Piotrkowicz, who probably has the best rear lat spread in the business, is currently the only Polish bodybuilder in the IFBB and has secured the third Mr. Olympia qualification of his career with this victory, the other two coming in 2010 and 2011.

Toney Freeman, who was competing for the fourth time this year, finished in third place behind Baito Abbaspour, from Iran. Freeman has always been known for having a heavy schedule. Where most guys will hit the stage 2-3 times per year, it’s not uncommon for the “X-Man” to compete in 8-10 shows a year. I commend him for being so competitive, but at age 46, there’s got to be a point of diminishing returns and he just looked plain soft at the Mr. Europe Pro. Perhaps it’s finally time he take some time off. Regardless, Robert Piotrkowicz brought his A game to Spain and is $11,000 richer because of it!

2013 Mr. Europe Pro Top 10

1. Robert Piotrkowicz
2. Baito Abbaspour
3. Toney Freeman
4. Michael Kefalianos
5. Daniel Toth
6. Ronny Rockel
7. Alfonso Del Rio
8. Jeff Long
9. Darren Bell
10. Jamie Atienza

Frank Hoffmann is a former NCAA and Professional CFL football player from Toronto, whose passion for health and fitness stems from his years as a personal trainer. Frank works as a freelance fitness and lifestyle writer while holding down a nine to five job and believes having a full-time job is no excuse to not be fit. Check out his fitness blog at and follow him on Twitter at @Nine2Fit.

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