More Gyms Banning Skinny People


New plus-sized only gyms are opening across North America. Good idea or discrimination?

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  • glascogiant

    Ya know what…I was 200lbs over my “ideal weight” and i have NEVER felt uncomfortable at the gym, people need to stop being to damn sensitive

    • MMI

      You’re absolutely right glascogiant. If you’re that sensitive about working out in front of other people then just stay home. No one said it was going to be easy. Congratulations on your weight loss success. You should be very proud of your accomplishment.

  • JQP1172

    As a formerly morbidly obese man who lost >130 lbs and now after 5+ years sports a 6-pack I can understand the intimidation factor BUT it is a strange business model. Why… well question. What happens when these plus size women (or men in my case) achieve success? Do they get “encouraged” to find another gym? I am exactly the type of member they should want, someone who has been at the bottom of the mountain, climbed it and reached the peak BUT if I were to walk in there now I would be judged by my cover as a “gym rat” and discouraged from joining. Strange!

    The only thing I can figure is that there is so much yo/yo dieting that the gym owners assume most will never reach the peak and for the ones that do, well when they are “shown the door” there are plenty of other obese people to take their place. Like I said strange business model to promote success but show you the door should you achieve it.

    • MMI

      A very strange business model indeed JQP1172. I think the gym owners in this case are banking on the fact that 90% of new members workout for two weeks then never come back. In other words, they have no faith in their clients. They just want to get people to sign up for exorbitant terms.

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