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MuscleMag #372
May, 2013


  • 6 Weeks to Mass Monster

    Alternate hard and heavy with high volume training to produce drastic gains in strength and size.

  • How to Build an Incredible Biceps Routine

    Everyone wants great arms, but few know the 7 steps to constructing a routine that builds bigger bi’s in less time.

  • Build Muscle While You Sleep

    You train hard and eat right, but what happens when you’re asleep? Here’s how to maximize muscle growth all night long.

  • Bomb Your Pecs With Precision Isolation

    No other exercise can attack your chest with the accuracy of flyes and crossovers. Here’s how to blow up your pecs with 9 variations of this single-joint family of moves.

  • Power Eating Panel

    When developing the perfect eating plan, you need to consider your age, body type and training goals. Let our diverse expert panel feed you some of their nutritional wisdom.

MMI 372 Extras

  • Top 6 Meat-Free Protein Sources

    Top 6 Meat-Free Protein Sources

    Protein-rich meats are go-to bodybuilding foods for good reason, but you can crank up your muscle-making machine with these plant-based sources, too!

  • How To: Decline Cable Pullover

    How To: Decline Cable Pullover

    The decline cable pullover is a single-joint exercise for the lats similar to the standing straight-arm pulldown. Do it early in your routine to pre-exhaust the…

  • Fat Burning Protein Shake

    Fat Burning Protein Shake

    Bid adieu to the jiggle in the middle by whirling up this protein shake that’s packed with serious fat burning ingredients!

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