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MuscleMag #370
March, 2013


  • How to Build an Incredible Chest Routine

    Everyone wants big pecs but few know the 8 steps to constructing a routine that builds more muscle in less time.

  • “My Toughest Workout Ever”

    In bodybuilding, hardcore is the standard. Here, four athletes reflect on gym sessions that pushed the limits of sanity.

  • he Little Black Book of Leg Exercises

    What’s on the menu for leg day? If it’s the same old routine, it’ll be as stale as a day old ham sandwich. Here’s our underground guide to variations of 6 great leg moves that’ll put new size on your thighs.

  • Can Milk Do a Bodybuilder Good?

    Almost nothing scares a hard-training bodybuilder more than a glass of milk, but what does the research say? Our resident nutrition expert explodes the myths.

  • Curls of Wisdom

    Speed up your muscle gains by understanding these four key bodybuilding concepts.

  • Sports Med: Sprain vs. Strain in the Bodybuilder

    If you pull something when lifting, it may well be a sprain or a strain. Here are their common causes among bodybuilders, how they differ and how to treat one.

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