Machine Training 101


Here’s the scoop on machine training to build max muscle. Apply these four tips to turn these machine movements into your own personal assembly line.

Supported T-Bar Row

Supported T-Bar Row

Do It Right: Place your chest against the pad and grasp the handles with a wide, overhand grip, keeping your knees bent. Allow the bar to hang below you, then pull the handles up as you try and pull your elbows as far behind your body as possible. Squeeze and slowly return to the start.

Power Pointer: Wide-grip back movements are excellent for hitting the upper lats.

Seated Chest Press

Seated Chest Press

Do It Right: Sit squarely on the seat, adjusting its height so that you’re holding the handles just outside your lower pecs. Press to full-arm extension, squeezing your pecs at the top and slowly lower under control.

Power Pointer: Because you can move a ton of weight with this, it’s important to adjust your seat correctly to protect your shoulder joints.

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