MuscleMag Special Issue

Legends of Bodybuilding 3


Legends of Bodybuilding 3: The Final Chapter

Features Include:

  • Frank Zane, Physical Sculptor Supreme

    An in-depth look at the man who changed the standard of bodybuilding forever.

  • Sandow, Bodybuilding’s Supernova

    Legends pays tribute to the incredible man of muscle behind the most coveted bronze statue in bodybuilding, Eugen Sandow, the “Father of Modern Bodybuilding.”

  • The Arnold I Knew

    Highs and lows of his four-decade friendship with Arnold written by publisher, best-selling author, bodybuilding authority and creator of the Legends trilogy, the late Robert Kennedy.

  • Story Time with Franco

    At 71, two-time Olympian Franco Columbu has stories to tell and a unique ability to tell them to entertaining and often hilarious effect.

  • Plus, plus, plus…

    Danny Padilla, Leo Robert, Tony “Jet Man” Pearson, Albert Beckles, Ed Theriault, Brian Buchanan, Roger Callard, Harry Schwartz, Gary Strydom, Dennis Tinerino, Cory Everson, Jeff King

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