Lee Banks’ High-Yield Biceps Workout


IFBB Pro Lee Banks has one of the most impressive sets of arms in the industry. Here is his strategy and training routine for building biceps that peak like Mount Everest!

Supinated Concentration Curl

Start: Sit on the broad side of a flat bench with your feet spread wide. Grasp a dumbbell in one hand and place your opposite hand on your thigh for support. Position your working arm against the inside of your thigh so your arm hangs straight toward the floor. Use a hammer grip (palm facing inward).

Movement: Contract your biceps to curl the weight up, simultaneously twisting your wrist so your palm faces up at the top. Squeeze hard for a count before slowly lowering.

Lee’s Lesson: “With this move, I always pause about 2–3 seconds at the top and really squeeze hard. This is an isolation move for the peak and the more tension you can put it under, the better it’ll grow.”

Power Pointer: In addition to flexing the arm, the biceps is also responsible for turning the wrist up. Supinating your wrist while curling makes the biceps work harder than if you use an underhand grip throughout.

Rope Hammer Curl

Start: Attach a rope to the lower-pulley cable and grasp an end in each hand. Take a large step back from the weight stack to put tension on the cable. Draw your shoulders down and back, and stand erect with your knees unlocked.

Movement: Bend your elbows and pull the ends of the rope toward your shoulders, keeping your hands evenly spaced and your shoulders relaxed — don’t simultaneously shrug them. Hold the peak contraction at the top for a count before lowering smoothly back to the start, resisting the pull of the cable on the return.

Lee’s Lesson: “I use this and other cable movements to push blood into the muscle, which is why I do fairly high reps. I use an even pace and squeeze hard at the top to ignite a muscle pump.”

Power Pointer: Neutral-grip movements like this work the brachialis, which lies underneath the biceps, and the brachioradialis, a forearm muscle near the elbow. Include a neutral- or reverse-grip exercise in your biceps routine to train these arm flexors.

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