Kip’s Quest #2: Once Again It’s On!


Nine weeks out from the Toronto Pro Show, Canadian amateur Kip Chong is training hard and sticking to his strict diet. Is this the year he achieves his dream of a winning a Pro Card?

I’m a couple weeks into the diet and for now everything is good to go – at least that’s what I tell myself! The truth is, it’s 11:00pm, I just finished watching a movie at home and I have one last meal to go. So far my meals haven’t reduced in size; I’ve just cut out a lot of the extras. This year more than any other year I’ve kept my food fairly clean in the offseason. By that I mean the bulk of my calories came from quality proteins, carbs and fats. My weakness in the offseason isn’t so much junk meals as it is sweets like candy. It always makes me laugh when the cashier assumes I have kids that I must be buying for. I guess they’re not used to seeing a guy my size loading up on sour patch kids and gummy bears! As I mentioned, all of the extras have been removed as well as the added sauces. However, the size of the meals and calorie intake is still a little on the high side.

So its 11:00pm, I’m not hungry at all but still have one more meal to go. I check the fridge and my choices are ground beef and rice or chicken and rice. I’ve already had my two beef meals for the day so I opt for ten-ounce chicken breast and 2.5 cups of rice. It’s time to eat and grow. I wish it were that easy, the eating part I mean. I’ve learned so much in this last year about just how important nutrition is for optimal growth. Eating to grow is just as important as training to grow and when you’re 320 pounds a lot of eating is necessary to add or even maintain muscle. Unfortunately, I wasn’t born with the biggest appetite.

So here I am staring a plate of food in front of me not wanting to eat but knowing I have to. I dig in. Man this is plain, no taste. During the day it doesn’t seem so tough but at night when you’re tired and not hungry, it’s work. I find myself shoveling the food in and chewing but not swallowing. That’s definitely when the water comes in handy. I’ve got to get this down somehow. I know it doesn’t sound appealing but it works – for me at least. Twenty minutes have past and I’m nearly halfway done. I figure there has got to be an easier way. I got it! I’ll blend it and drink it. Nah, that’s just nasty. I didn’t do it but I honestly thought about it. I checked the fridge and yes, Franks Red Hot and mustard, perfect. Another 20 minutes and mission accomplished!

As I mentioned, I understand this year more than ever just how important proper nutrition is to anchor your training. I feel the gains I have made in a pretty short offseason will be evidence of this. Eat, train, sleep and grow. The eating part for me, although tough, is just a part of this bodybuilding lifestyle that is who I am. Competing at the National level is a big deal, but I’m not competing for sake of it. I’m doing it to win! There is still a lot of work ahead of me both in the gym and at the dinner table and handling that work is what drives me to succeed at this level. I talk to a lot of guys who say they are training hard but just aren’t getting the results, and after a few minutes it’s evident that they aren’t eating to support their training. They’ve got to step up their game and realize that the last meal is just as important as the last rep. As I write this, I’m roughly nine weeks out. My diet is in check and my training is off the hook. I can’t wait to see the final product. Stick with me. You won’t be disappointed.

Here’s a video of my back training routine from earlier in the year

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