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MuscleMag #373
June, 2013


  • The Little Black Book of Biceps Exercises

    Forge big arms and shake up your routine with 6 variations of common biceps moves that’ll tear up your shirtsleeves.

  • D-Day: Isolate to Annihilate

    It’s bombs away on delt day! Flip-flop your routine with pre-exhaust to blast your shoulders for powerful new growth.

  • Dial it in for Summer

    Plan to drop your spare tire for summer? Getting super shredded requires not only a clean diet but modifications to your training and cardio too. What works best? We asked four experts for their best advice, exposing some myths along the way.

  • Weighing In on Alternative Proteins

    Not all protein supplements come from animals that moo or cluck. MMI reviews 7 not-so-common proteins and evaluates them on quality, taste and cost.

  • Get on the Road to Abdomination

    Be the guy with a great midsection by staying in the gym just a few minutes longer. Here’s an 8-week workout that’ll help take you from flab to abs.

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