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MuscleMag #368
January, 2013


  • The Little Black Book of Chest Exercises

    Everybody loves chest day, especially if it’s Monday. Break out of the bench-press pack with 6 variations of common chest movements that’ll help add pounds of new muscle on your pecs.

  • Butcher the High Cost of Meats

    Cut into these cheaper meat and seafood options that’ll pack on muscle just as well as their better-known (and costlier) counterparts.

  • Does More Volume = More Size?

    When it comes to building larger, denser muscle bellies, how many exercises, sets and reps you do can go a long way toward determining just how much you grow — or don’t.

  • Sports Med: Does Lifting Put You at Risk for Tennis Elbow?

    Similar to golfer’s elbow and tennis elbow, medial and lateral epicondylitis can strike a bodybuilder, making pulling motions without pain all but impossible. Here’s what the condition is and how to deal with it.

  • Wheels of Fortune

    At just 23, Virginia’s Aaron Clark accomplished a dream that many amateurs never realize: earning an IFBB pro card. Here’s how he went from punk to powerhouse, building some of the sickest legs in the biz.

  • Ronnie the Enduring Champ

    The eight-time winner of the Sandow, Ronnie Coleman has been retired for years, but his popularity has never been higher.

  • Old School Training: Shawn Ray’s Legs

    Though not the biggest man onstage, Shawn Ray still managed to finish in the top 5 in 11 consecutive Olympias. One thing’s for sure: He knew how to blast legs harder than the other guy.

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