Heather Shanholtz


Is it warm in here or is it just these super hot pics of blonde bombshell Heather Shanholtz? We’re sure you’ll agree it’s the pics!


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  • red

    Im gonna have to complain about all the pictures of these girls. After I look at them thats all I think about all day long, I cant get anything done at work like that. lol.

    • MMI

      We know what you mean red. These girls have cost numerous men their jobs. All well worth it!

      • Joanna Maille

        Don’t you guys anything better to do than fantasize about a woman who would never give you the time of day? I mean really, get a life. There’s more to a woman than t & a and I hate magazines like this that only show women as sex objects, not the intelligent people that they are!

        • Drew

          last time i checked the number one factor in determining attractiveness is looks… and since she’s a model im sure being seen as a sex object is good for her career. i imagine if she was some feminist wanting to be known for her brain she would have chose a different career path. on top of that many models get by in life by using their looks, so when you hear some of them talk you can’t help but feel dumber for listening.

        • rick shultz

          I think they are pretty intelligent if all they have to do to earn a living is strike a pose and seems the ones that bark the loudest about women being treated like sex objects are the ones that will never have to worry about that in the first place…

          • MMI

            Hahaha. Great points Rick! You definitely win this argument!

          • Bob Smith

            Damn!! What a burn!!

  • Universo Unome


  • Celia Carter

    No one noticed she had a ugly pig nose….no one? I’ve been in a photo shoot, every part of her body is photoshoped. She has no muscle at all, just skinny…who did she f**k to get in a fitness mag. Id put a sack over her head. Gross!

    • Jon

      you’re cool.

    • Romeo

      Not jealous are we?

      • Celia Carter

        Ha ha, not the slightest bit. Who’d be jealous over miss piggy.

        • Romeo


  • Pope DaHammer

    she has no azz

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  • Javier

    I think she is very beautiful and atractive

  • Javier

    Heather your body is very beautiful you look fantastic I work out the way you do

  • Javier

    Heather you look like a barbe doll keep up the good work you got a 10 babe

  • Javier

    Heather you look like a beautiful red red rose I like that picture

  • Javier

    Heather every inch of your body looks good , good work nice job

  • Javier

    Senorita corason you are the lady of musclemag

  • Nicholas Leonard

    jealousy ????

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