MuscleMag #377 / December 2013

MuscleMag 377

Letter from the Editor…

Our goal at MuscleMag is not only to give our readers a glimpse into what their favorite bodybuilders are doing, but to provide the information in a way that is easy for anyone to understand and apply to their own training. With each flip of the page we hope that you learn something new, something unconventional to help you rethink your approach to training. This month you’ll find everything from progressive programs like “Your Five-Week Ab Challenge” to interviews with top IFBB pros like Toney Freeman and Lee Banks. Stick with us through your bodybuilding journey and we guarantee the results will speak for themselves.


Your 5-Week Ab Challenge

Go from flab to abs by making your workout progressively more challenging, building up your strength and your six-pack. Here’s a five-week plan that’ll make your abs pop. By Bill Geiger, MA

Double Your Reps, Double The Muscle

Read it again: You can do two times more reps with a given heavy weight if you follow the rest-pause technique. Now’s your chance to make muscle and strength gains like never before. By Jimmy Peña, MS, CSCS

Jurassic Mass

MMI Uncovers the truth about the popular ancestral Paleo diet and how it can keep your muscle gains from going extinct. By Mike Carlson

Stackin’ For Mass

Combine the right supplements at the optimal times for muscle gains around the clock. By Dwayne N. Jackson, PhD

Is Your Muscle Sleep Putting You in Deadly Danger

One side effect of bodybuilding is a stronger, thicker neck, but that can cause you fall victim to an insidious nighttime killer called sleep apnea. By Nicole McPherson

Eye of the Tigress

We get up close and personal with Nicole Wilkins, whose fierce determination to win earned her a third Ms. Figure Olympia title in 2013. Photos by Robert Reiff

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