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MuscleMag #367
December, 2012


  • Get “Jacked” with Your Best Training Partner Ever!

    Push past plateaus, generate power and train safely — with a machine! Here’s why the Smith machine may be your new best friend in the gym.

  • Red Meat: Saint or Sinner?

    Recent headlines report that consumption of too much red meat is linked to a number of serious health diseases. What’s a protein- starved bodybuilder to do?

  • Turbo Charge Your Abs With Twin Diesel Workouts

    The abs consist of both fast- and slow-twitch muscle fibers, so your workout should target both. These twin workouts will help you build up your six-pack while whittling your middle of definition-obscuring bodyfat.

  • Old School Training: Lou Ferrigno Delts

    Lou Ferrigno boasted one of the best sets of delts in the sport during his career. Here’s the no-nonsense routine that built ’em.

  • Real-Time Offseason Training With Craig Richardson

    Go rep-for-rep with IFBB pro and 2011 Toron- to Pro winner Craig Richardson as he blasts his arms with his longtime training partner Harley Breite.

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