Czech Out This Leg Workout!

Czech Out This Leg Workout

The Czech Republic’s Lukas Osladil came out of nowhere to win his first-ever pro contest in the 212-division in Toronto last June. His freaky quads and glutes separated him from the pack thanks to his unique leg workout!

Barbell Lunge

Barbell Lunge

Start: Holding a barbell across your shoulders, stand erect with your feet together.

Action: Take a stride forward with one foot, lowering yourself while making sure your front knee doesn’t pass the vertical plane that comes up from your toes. Stop just short of your rear knee touching the floor and reverse direction, driving through the heel of your forward foot to return to the start. Alternate your feet on each rep.

Power Pointer: “Make sure that you go low enough that your back knee almost touches the ground. You don’t want that knee to touch the floor, as that puts stress on the joint and momentarily reduces the tension on the muscle.”

Leg Extension

Leg Extension

Start: Adjust the seat for your body frame, and then sit squarely in the machine. Hook your feet under the padded bar. Keep your head straight and hold the handles for stability.

Action: With your feet pointed forward, extend your legs as high as you can, while remaining seated flat on the machine. Squeeze your quads hard at the top, and then slowly lower the weight until just short of the weight stack touching down.

Power Pointer:  “I always use these to finish off my quads, never as a mass builder, which can be dangerous for your knees. I also keep my toes pointed straight up at all times — never angled in or out.”

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