Caption the Photo Contest


Caption this hilarious photo of Arnold and a four-legged fan for your chance to win a MuscleMag t-shirt and cap!

Submit a witty caption in the comments section below and then check back tomorrow to see if MMI has responded. If there’s a response to your comment you win!!!

The funniest caption wins a cool MuscleMag t-shirt and cap that will definitely make you the talk of the gym over the holidays.

This contest is now closed but feel free to keep making hilarious comments.

Be sure to check back soon for more chances to win awesome prizes!




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  • Mike

    “You know my housekeeper… she looked just like you”

  • Jeremy Oberstein

    I thought “you’d be back” in the expendables….unimpressed.

  • Andy Rose

    Don’t you understand? I thought I was meant for something more than this…

  • clayton

    “Oh your the new maid? Have you read my new book?”

  • bubba

    Im going to pump you UP but must listen carefully to.the Arnold secrets

  • Glower Paul

    who is your dad and what does he do….

  • Glower Paul

    Dillon, you son of a bitch!

  • Glower Paul

    Total recall my unbelievably true life story, chapter III… listen to me when I say something

  • zack

    and if you sign this gym membership, you’ll be the envy of the dog park

  • shobit jain

    here it is! you and single leg side raises!

  • disqus_oOi26kByBf

    If you read the book you would know the bitches puppies are not mine I had a paternity test…

  • Peter Hamilton

    It says it right here in atricle 13 subsection 2.1, dogs cannot run for governor.

  • Rob Ball

    Look at me when I’m taaahhhlking to you, bitch!

  • Ryan Saundercook

    “And that was the time I got the the chopper… Now for the story of when I went to mars as a secret agent.”

  • Steven J Rowe

    I told you once I don”t understand can you tell me again what it says. And remember I’ll be back.

  • tdrag

    I told you! I’m alright with same sex marriages in california, but dog marriages are out of the question.

  • Jamie Edwards

    “Gimme the ball, Gimme the ball, i need that toy!” dog then interupts “i totally get that man, what happens next?”

  • clayton

    “Look Stallone the expendables 3 script, they want you to play a man with peanut butter in your mouth.”

    • MMI

      Congratulations! You win the t-shirt and cap Clayton! We’re sending you a Facebook message right now!

      • clayton


        Didn’t really understand what to do.

        Anyways my address is 6708 sw fairdale drive Topeka KS.

        Ig I wear a medium? Lol



    ziz iz ze encyclopediah of bahhhdeybuilding!!!! Bitches arent allowed to look at it!

  • Jim Molter

    look, I will say it one more time. read the laws in this book, then sign the paper and you will be the new governor of california. that’s all there is too it.

  • Tom

    You call this a mass building routine?! How can you ever expect to be the big bad ass dog you wanna be without squats and deadlifts ?!

  • David

    Wow cool stuff going on here…via gripped fitness

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