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Butcher the High Cost of Meats

Butcher the High Cost of Meat

Cut into these cheaper meat and seafood options that’ll pack on muscle just as well as their better-known (and costlier) counterparts

Cheap Cut #3: Mussels


Standard Choice: Salmon
Price: $9.99/lb.
Alternative: Mussels
Price: $2.99/lb.
You Save: $7.00

Mussels boast a laundry list of vital nutrients — including significant levels of protein (10 grams vs. 17 grams in salmon per 3-ounce serving), phosphorus, iron, vitamin B12 and selenium. In the body, selenium is incorporated into proteins to make selenoproteins, potent antioxidants that may help muscles mend from intense training. While salmon earns accolades for its omega-3 fatty acids, mussels are also a surprising source of these supercharged fats. Researchers at Washington University School of Medicine (St. Louis) found that omega-3s can stimulate muscle protein synthesis, giving them serious anabolic properties.

PREP METHOD: Place 1 cup of liquid such as water, broth, wine or coconut milk in a large saucepan for each pound of mussels. Bring to a boil, add rinsed mussels, reduce heat and simmer until they open (about 5 minutes). Discard any that don’t open during cooking.

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