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Butcher the High Cost of Meats

Butcher the High Cost of Meat

Cut into these cheaper meat and seafood options that’ll pack on muscle just as well as their better-known (and costlier) counterparts

Cheap Cut #2: Turkey Drumsticks


Standard Choice: Turkey breast
Price: $4.29/lb.
Alternative: Turkey drumsticks
Price: $2.49/lb.
You Save: $1.80

Boost flavor and save cash by joining the dark side. While white breast meat — be it turkey or chicken — often dries out during cooking, rich-tasting dark cuts like drumsticks and thighs stay deliciously moist. In fact, to counteract the parched nature of overrated breast meat, many food manufacturers inject it with a saltwater solution that can increase sodium levels four-fold. Dark-meat poultry contains just 1–2 extra grams of fat per serving than white meat (3 grams vs. 1 gram in a 3-ounce serving), but provides higher amounts of energy-boosting iron and zinc, which is vital to testosterone production. A Turkish investigation showed that intense exercise can reduce circulating testosterone concentrations in men, but high intakes of zinc can prevent it.

PREP METHOD: The best way to prepare turkey drumsticks is to gently simmer them in a liquid base such as chicken broth or canned tomatoes. Simply place the meat, liquid and any desired seasonings in a large saucepan, cover and heat to a steady simmer. Cook for 1 1/2 hours or until tender. They’re also excellent prepared on the grill. Cooking dark poultry with the skin on infuses the meat with great flavor, but you may want to remove it before eating to slash calories from fat. However, hardgainers or mass-hounds may find these extra calories beneficial.

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