The Essential Bigger Back Training Routine

Bigger Back Training Routine

How to attack your backside? Combine these bigger back training tips and moves to muscle up your upper and lowers lats, middle traps and rhomboids like never before.

Seated Row (Close & Reverse Grip)


The close-grip seated row done with a neutral grip is excellent at targeting the lower lats. With your hands close together, it automatically pulls your elbows in tight to your body, allowing the lower lats to be highly engaged throughout the range of motion. By moving to an underhand, shoulder-width grip, you further isolate those lower lat fibers as well as bring into play the biceps. For that reason, you’ll be stronger on the reverse-grip version and able to do more reps with the same weight, which is why we’ve listed it after the close-grip version.


Target: Lower lats (biceps secondarily on reverse grip)

Do It Right: Attach a close-grip handle to the machine and sit upright on the bench facing the weight stack. Place your feet against the foot platform with your legs slightly bent. Grasp the handle while keeping your back flat and chest up and sit erect with your chest out. Pull the handle into your midsection, keeping your elbows close to your sides. Hold the peak contraction for a count before allowing the weight to pull your arms to full extension.

Note: For the reverse grip, attach a lat bar to the cable and take a shoulder-width underhand grip.

Power Pointer: Keep forward and backward lean to a minimum. Seesawing turns this lat move into one for the lower back (spinal erectors) while inviting muscle-robbing momentum.

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