Conan, Terminator and Twins Sequels Planned

Conan the Barbarian

Just some of the new Arnold films currently in the works

By Alex Zakrzewski, Online Editor

At 65 years of age, Arnold Schwarzenegger is showing no signs of slowing down as he prepares to reprise some of his most iconic film roles.

In recent interviews, including an AMA on Reddit, The Oak has announced plans for Terminator 5, The Legend of Conan and Triplets.

The latter is a sequel to the hugely successful 1988 comedy Twins and will involve not only Danny Devito, but also Eddie Murphy as the third Benedict brother.

All three projects are in various stages of preproduction though Schwarzenegger has said that he hopes to be shooting the Conan sequel by the end of the year.

Until then, diehard Arnold fans can look forward to the upcoming action thrillers The Tomb and Ten, which are set to hit theaters this November and next January.

The former also stars Sylvester Stallone while the latter will see Schwarzenegger paired with Sam Worthington and 50 Cent.

In the meantime, do not expect a sequel to The Last Stand, as the film continues to disappoint at the box office, netting just over $18 million in two weeks.

Which of these iconic Arnold roles is your favorite?


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