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MuscleMag #371
April, 2013


  • Detonate Your Stale Workouts

    Blow up your routine for explosive muscle growth with 6 weeks of shock therapy.

  • The Little Black Book of Shoulder Exercises

    Kick that old routine to the curb and build powerful delts with six variations of common movements that’ll help round out your caps.

  • Beat Your Sweet Tooth

    Before you scarf down another slice of cake, here are 6 ways to tame those sugar cravings.

  • Sweet Dreams Are Made of These

    Don’t derail your diet with a gut-busting dessert. Here are 5 original creations that’ll satisfy any bodybuilder’s sweet tooth.

  • Build Huge Pecs Right From the Foundation

    Here’s the best way to construct a shirtsplitting chest, combining these 3 critical keys and 5 chest-swelling moves.

  • Sexy in the City

    Spend a little time with the beauties of fitness.

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