5 More Arnold Training Tips


While Arnold used anything and everything he could in his quest for muscle, he most often preferred basic free weights performed with solid form. Here are 5 classic Arnold moves you’ve got to be doing!

Bench Dip

Want a great triceps exercise that lets you build freaky thickness with just your bodyweight? Like Arnold add the bench dip to your routine. Bench dips are a fantastic triceps builder that you can do almost anywhere. To begin the movement, place two benches parallel to each other. Stand with one bench behind your back and grip the edge with your hands shoulder width apart. Then place your heels on the other bench. Bending your elbows, lower your body as far as you can without allowing too much internal (forward) rotation of your shoulders. Raise yourself back up to the starting position and contract your triceps hard at the top. If you can complete more than 12 reps with your bodyweight, have a training partner pile one or more plates on your lap for added resistance that will induce a triceps-searing burn!

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