5 Biggest Chest Training Mistakes


You can’t build a massive chest with shoddy technique and bad form. Avoiding these five common training blunders will guarantee “pec-tacular” gains!



Who doesn’t want to go as heavy as possible on chest day? But if you go heavy on your flyes, you’re far more likely to press them (a multijoint move) rather than lock the slight bend in your elbows, which is required for single-joint exercises like flyes. Maintaining the slightly bent arm position better isolates the chest, reducing the contribution from the delts and triceps. Because you have to back off on the weights, they’re best done at the end of your workout. Watch the motion in the mirror carefully; the degree of bend shouldn’t change during the rep. If you have trouble doing this, do your single-joint moves on the pec-deck machine instead, which does a better job of locking your arms in position.

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  • Kumaran Santana

    i always do bench press first, then i move into incline bench, then incline fly, then flat fly, decline bench, and lastly cable crossovers…is that good?

    • Tekayu Harrington

      I would suggest no. Referring back to point 4, i would suggest changing the position around. I split my month into weeks A, B, C and D. The weeks and their respective first exercise looks like this:

      Week A – Flat bench
      Week B – Inc bench
      Week C – Weighted Dips
      Week D – Flyes.

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