5 Biggest Chest Training Mistakes


You can’t build a massive chest with shoddy technique and bad form. Avoiding these five common training blunders will guarantee “pec-tacular” gains!



Whether you’re doing incline or decline presses, the point at which the bar comes closest to your pecs changes with the angle of the bench. With declines, the bar should tap your lower pecs — not your neck — and with inclines it should come down high on the chest. The reason is all about leverage and being in the position to push the most weight safely. Of course, you don’t want to compound one mistake by making another: bouncing the bar off your pecs in an effort to generate momentum to help lift the weight.


The bench press is a clear winner as a mass-building chest move, and some of its cousins are also great, including the flat bench with dumbbells and benching from the incline and decline positions. But your energy levels at the gym are like a balloon with a small leak, declining over the course of your workout as fatigue sets in. If you’re always doing inclines after flat benching, your upper pecs are going to start to lag behind, and if you always do declines third in your routine, your lower pecs will never be challenged to their fullest. Instead, on occasion do inclines or declines first in your workout when you’re fresh and can tackle some weights never before pressed. Building a muscle to its fullest potential means breaking out of routines, and always doing bench presses first is one routine you don’t want to settle into.

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  • Kumaran Santana

    i always do bench press first, then i move into incline bench, then incline fly, then flat fly, decline bench, and lastly cable crossovers…is that good?

    • Tekayu Harrington

      I would suggest no. Referring back to point 4, i would suggest changing the position around. I split my month into weeks A, B, C and D. The weeks and their respective first exercise looks like this:

      Week A – Flat bench
      Week B – Inc bench
      Week C – Weighted Dips
      Week D – Flyes.

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