5 Biggest Ab Day Mistakes

5 Biggest Ab Day Mistakes

Make the most of your six-pack sculpting routine by avoiding these common training errors.

2. Doing just bodyweight moves

Doing just bodyweight moves

While there’s a bit of controversy surrounding whether you should train with low reps (with added weight) or high reps (using just bodyweight) for abs, one thing is for certain: If you don’t overload the muscles of the midsection, they simply won’t grow stronger. If you’re using only bodyweight moves (and your bodyweight doesn’t fluctuate wildly), then the only way you can get stronger is by doing more reps (and with bodyweight you always need to reach failure to be effective) or reducing your between-sets rest periods. If you’re doing moves like cable crunches, you can physically increase the resistance from one workout to the next, and that’s where you can build up those abs. That’s why they call it progressive overload, folks.

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