10 Best Moves for Mass

10 Best Moves for Mass

Pimp your muscle-building plan with these man-sized movements for beastly size

2. Incline Press


Target: Upper pectoralis major, anterior deltoids, triceps

Sets and Reps: 3–4 sets of 6–10 reps

Made for Mass: You won’t push as much weight with the incline press — most lifters find they can handle 70–80% of their bench press — but you’ll be activating and stretching the pecs a bit more because of the angled path of the barbell in relation to your ribcage. To further increase pec involvement, flare your elbows and bring the bar to a point higher on your sternum with each rep. To push maximum weight for building mass, borrow from the bench press: Use a strong arch in your back so that your upper back forms a stable foundation for the lift, and take a wide stance, contracting your glutes to provide a more stable base. Lower the bar to your upper chest without letting it drift out in front of you, and don’t let your butt rise off the bench.

Tweak the Technique: For maximum pectoral stimulation, generate constant tension in your pecs by using a pumping “piston” motion that stops short, about 3/4 of the way to lockout — don’t press to full-arm extension.

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